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Who will be the next hot non-ferrous shares? Than

    2011 years of industry or in the rankings, the industry resources most up at the front, including non-ferrous metals or is on top, and steel, coal and other industries is also the top. In non-ferrous industry industry in the rankings, the son of the best is the lead and zinc class company, followed by a small metal, once again, is gold and aluminum, copper worst performance. In the market down the periodic table looking for mark the strategies of the company, only the bottom metal is more opportunity, vanadium fundamentals, great changes have happened.

    The strategic position with the "v" ring

    Vanadium metal resources as a strategic position gets great ascension. The national development and reform commission industry coordination company recently held in Beijing "1025" vanadium, titanium comprehensive utilization of resources and industrial base planning for advice, state development and reform commission, will DeOuSi, hebei, hubei, sichuan, yunnan province development and reform commission, the period of chengde, mr.zhang ji, the leader of liangshan prefecture, government, China's steel industry association, China coating industry association, China non-ferrous metal industry association Ha branch, titanium zirconium cisri, Beijing non-ferrous metals research institute, northeast university, panzhihua iron &steel research institute, panzhihua college, pangang, chongqing, chuanwei group, dragon python group, ChengGang and chengde WanLiTong group, cloud smelting non-ferrous company made new, cloud copper group titanium industry company, the steel group, and other units representative to the meeting. Prepare the "1025" vanadium, titanium comprehensive utilization of resources and industrial base planning "is" 1025 "key industry productivity layout and adjustment of the content, is one of the planning since the founding of the state of the first vanadium, titanium industry planning, and to promote the advantage resources vanadium, titanium industry health, sustainable development, leading the local government and enterprise reasonable development, efficient utilization, and national macro-control policies, are positive.

    At present the main application downstream vanadium are steel, the future with steel vanadium consumption increase strength of demand for it, vanadium ascension. V battery will be the great incremental space vanadium demand for years, vanadium in energy storage areas will greatly increase. The future of vanadium global demand growth will speed up to 2025 years, will keep more than 10% a year, China's growth is crucial to global growth.

    Looking back the past vanadium the price movements of supply and demand, price is in demand and supply vanadium reverse phase, the price of vanadium is currently at the bottom of the history, the next few years is the demand of the rapid growth prospects, will make for the bottom area out of vanadium. The United States, is expected to statement vanadium industry 2015 international vanadium consumption will be doubled, to the attention of vanadium at home and abroad will more and more high.

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