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New material industry development plan of" Twelfth Five-Year Plan"-a


Materials industry is the basic industry of national economy, new material is a material industry development of the pilot, is the important strategic emerging industries. " Twelfth Five-Year Plan " period, China materials industry from large to strong critical period. Speeding up the cultivation and development of new material industry, to lead the materials industry upgrading, supporting the development of strategic emerging industries, ensure national major engineering construction, promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industry, building new advantages in international competition has important strategic significance.

According to the" law of the people's Republic of China national economy and social development Twelfth Five Year Plan" and" the State Council about speeding up the cultivation and development of new industries of strategic decisions" overall deploy, the Ministry of industry and information technology in the development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of Finance and other relevant departments and units to prepare a" new material industry" Twelfth Five-Year Plan" development planning". The plan is to guide future five years the development of new material industry of the creed sex file, is configured to government public resource and guide for enterprise decision-making important basis.


Section 1the definition and scope of new materials:

The new material is involved in extensive areas, generally refers to the emerging with excellent properties and special features of the material, or is the traditional material for the improved performance is obviously improved and the generation of new material, including new functional materials, high performance structural materials and advanced composite materials, its range with the development of economy, the progress of science and technology, industry to upgrade continuously change. As the focus, the program mainly includes the following six fields:

special metallic functional materials. Has a unique sound, light, electricity, heat, magnetism and so on properties of metal materials.

high-end metal structure material. Compared with the traditional structure of the metal material has higher strength, toughness and resistance to high temperature, corrosion resistance and erosion resistance of metal materials.

The advanced polymer materials. Having a relatively unique physical and chemical properties, suitable to the special field or a specific application environment of synthetic polymer materials.

The new inorganic nonmetallic materials. In the traditional inorganic non-metallic materials based on emerging with wear resistance, corrosion resistance, photoelectric and other special properties of materials.

The high performance composite materials. By two or more than two kinds of heterogeneity, special-shaped, anisotropic material ( as a matrix, the other as a reinforcement ) compounded with special function and structure of a new type of material.

The forefront of new materials. The current is given priority to with basic research, future market prospects, on behalf of the new material technology development direction, has the important guiding function material.

One, current situation and development trend

Current situation of industry ( a )

After decades of struggle, China's new materials industry from scratch, continue to grow and develop, in the system construction, industrial scale, technological progress and achieved remarkable achievement, for national economy and national defence construction to make significant contribution, have good development foundation.

New material industry system is initial form. China's new materials development and application originated in the national defense science and technology industry field, after years of development, new materials in national economy each domain application expands ceaselessly, preliminary formed including R & D, design, production and application, the kinds of relatively complete industrial system.

New material industry dimensions expands ceaselessly. Since entering the new century, China's new materials industry has developed rapidly, in 2010 China's new materials industry dimensions to exceed 650000000000 yuan, with compared 2005annual growth of about 20%. Wherein, rare earth function materials, advanced materials for energy storage, solar photovoltaic materials, silicone, superhard materials, special stainless steel, glass fiber and composite materials production capacity ranks the forefront of the world.

Some key technology obtains major breakthrough. China's independent development of tantalum and niobium alloy, amorphous alloy, high induction oriented silicon steel, two diphenyl methane diisocyanate ( MDI ), superhard materials, meta-aramid fiber and superconducting materials and other production technology has reached the international level. New materials and the increasing variety, high-end metallic structural materials, inorganic non-metallic materials and high performance composites ensures ability to increase apparently, advanced polymer materials and special metallic functional material production level rise stage by stage.

However, China's new materials industry overall development level still have bigger difference with the developed country, industry development is faced with some problems, mainly displays in: new material independent development ability is weak, large material enterprise innovation power is not strong, the key of new material support capability deficiency; produce learn to grind with disjointed, industrial chain is short, new materials and difficult application, mode of development of industry of new material industry is not perfect; the lack of overall planning and policy guidance, research and development investment is little and dispersive, basic management work is relatively weak.

( two) the development trend

In today's world, the rapid development in science and technology, new materials products change rapidly, the industry upgrades, accelerate the pace of material replacement. New materials technology and nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology integration, integration of structure and function, functional materials intelligent trend obviously, materials of low carbon, green, environmental friendly renewable cycle characteristics of attention. Developed countries attach great importance to the cultivation and development of new material industry, the technology has improved the development and mechanism of venture capital investment, large Multi-National Corporation to its technology research and development, capital, talent and patent and other advantages, high technology content, high added value products and new materials to occupy the leading position, to our country the development of new material industry constitutes the greater pressure.

Look from home," Twelfth Five-Year Plan" is the comprehensive construction well-off society's crucial period, accelerate the transformation of economic development mode is the period of assault fortified positions, the strategic adjustment of the economic structure as the new material industry provides important opportunities for development. On one hand, accelerate the cultivation and development of energy saving and environmental protection, a new generation of information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy and new energy vehicles and other emerging strategic industries, the implementation of the national economy and national defense construction of major projects, the need for new material industry to provide support and security, new materials industry and provide a broad market space. On the other hand, our country raw material industry is huge, overcapacity in some industries, resources, energy, environment, strengthen restraint, urgent need to vigorously develop new materials industry, accelerate advance materials industry transformation and upgrading, foster new point of growth.

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