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New material industry development plan of" Twelfth Five-Year Plan"-b

Column2strategic emerging industries on the part of the new material demand forecast

01 New energy

" Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China's newly installed wind power capacity of 60000000 kilowatts and above, built solar power plant10000000 kilowatts and above, installed capacity reached 40000000kilowatts of nuclear power operation, is expected to need a total of rare earth permanent magnet materials40000 tons,500000 tons of high-performance glass fiber, high performance resin material 900000 tons,80000 tons of iron, polysilicon suede rolled glass60000000square meters, the need of nuclear steel 70000tons / year,1200tons / year of nuclear grade zirconium, zirconium and zirconium alloy ingot2000 tons / year.

02 Energy saving and new energy automobile

In 2015, new energy automobile cumulative sales of more than 500000 cars, need energy power battery module 15000000000kwh / year,3000000000kwh / year, power type battery separator 100000000 square meters / year, six phosphate fluoride lithium electrolyte salt of 1000 tons / year,10000 tons of carbon cathode materials, anode material of 4000 tons / year; passenger demand more than 12000000aluminum alloy sheet, need about 170000 tons / year,100000 tons of magnesium alloy.

03 Equipment manufacturing

" Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, aerospace, rail transportation, marine engineering and other high-end equipment manufacturing industry, is expected to take all kinds of bearing steel 1800000tons / year, oil corrosion resistant alloy steel1000000 tons / year, rail transportation of specification aluminum alloy profile 40000tons / year, high precision indexable hard alloy cutting tool materials 5000 tons. By 2020, large passenger aircraft and other aerospace industry development needs of high performance aluminum 100000tons / year, carbon fiber and composite material application proportion will increase substantially.

04 a new generation of information technology

It is expected that in 2015,8inch polished single crystal silicon film about8000000 / year,12 inch polished single crystal silicon film4800000 / year, flat panel display glass substrate is approximately 100000000 square meters / year,400tons / year TFT mixed liquid crystal material.

05 energy saving and environmental protection

" Twelfth Five-Year Plan " period, the rare earth three primary color fluorescent lamp annual production capacity of more than3000000000, rare earth fluorescent powder to about 10000 tons / year; new wall materials demand will exceed 23000000000square meters / year, insulation materials production value will amount to 120000000000

Yuan / year; thermal power flue gas denitration catalyst and carrier demand will reach4000000000 yuan / year, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant bag dust filter for water treatment and membrane materials such as market demand will increase significantly.

06 biological industry

On 2015, anticipating the need for artificial joint500000 / year, vascular stent1200000/ year, intraocular lens1000000/ year, medical polymer materials, biological ceramics, medical metal materials such as demand will increase substantially. Degradable plastics polylactic acid ( PLA ) to50000tons,100000 tons of starch plastics.

Two, overall train of thought

( a ) the guiding ideology

Thoroughly apply the scientific outlook on development, to accelerate the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industry is overall requirement, closely around the major national economic and social development needs, in order to accelerate the industrial upgrading of materials for the main direction, to improve the capability of independent innovation as the core of the new material, the new functional materials, high performance structural materials and advanced composite materials for the development of key through the research, combined with the high content of science and technology, advance energetically, broad market prospects, strong and leading role of new material industrialization development in scale, speed up the improvement of new material industry innovation and development policy system, for the development of strategic emerging industries, construction of national key projects and national defense science and technology industry to provide support and protection.

( two) basic principles

Hold to the market oriented. Follow the law of market economy, the enterprise 's principal status in the market, giving full play to the basic role of the market in the allocation of resources, emphasis on new materials to promote the application and the market cultivation. Accurately grasp the new material industry development trend of new material industry, strengthen planning and policy formulation, active play to government departments in the organization and coordination, policy guidance, improve the market environment in the important role of.

To focus. New material variety, extensive demand, to co-ordinate the planning, the overall deploy, encouraging all kinds of new materials research and development production and application of the foundation, focused on the economic and social development of significant demand, organize the implementation of major projects, the new breakthrough in materials preparation of complete sets of technology and equipment, to accelerate the development of industry foundation, market potential, low level of protection is the key of new materials.

Adhere to innovation drive. Innovation is the development of new material industry in the core link, we must strengthen the position of technical innovation main body, stimulate and protect the enterprise innovation actively, perfect technical innovation system, through the original innovation, integrated innovation and introduce digest absorb innovate again, a number of breakthroughs in key technologies, accelerate new materials product development, promotion of new material industry innovation level.

Persisting in the coordinated advance. Strengthen the new materials and downstream industry is mutual join, fully mobilize the orgnaization of research and development, production enterprises and terminal user initiative. Strengthening new material industry and raw material industry integration development, raw materials in the industrial upgrading, constantly creates new materials, new materials in the industry innovation and development, and continuously promote the materials industry upgrading. Accelerate the military-civil common material mutual transfer of technology, and promote new materials industry integration development.

Adhere to green development. Firmly establish the green, low carbon development concept, pay attention to research and development of new materials, preparation and use of environmentally friendly, improving energy efficiency, promote the development of new materials of regenerative cycle, change the high consumption, high emission, difficult cycle of traditional material industry development mode, go low carbon environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency, safe circulation the road of sustainable development.

( three) develops a target

To 2015, build have the ability of independent innovation, a larger scale, industry of complete new material industry system, break through a batch of national construction needs, to lead the future development of key materials and technology, cultivate a batch of strong innovation ability, with the core competitiveness of enterprises, to form a number of distinctive characteristics, reasonable layout, industrial agglomeration the base of new material industry, new material on the material to adjust the industrial structure and the upgrading of the drives action to increase further.

By 2020, set up with strong capability of independent innovation and the ability of sustainable development, research in close connection with the new materials industry system, new material industry to become the leading industry in the national economy, the main varieties to meet the needs of national economy and national defense construction, some new material reached world leading level, materials industry upgrading to obtain remarkable result, preliminary material big country to powerful nation strategy transformation of materials.


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